Breastfeeding. No judgement.

Written by: Gina A.


When I was asked to write a blog about breastfeeding, I wasn’t quite sure where to begin. I have successfully breastfed 3 kiddos. My daughters each nursed until about age 2 and my son until almost 3. They all latched like pros from the beginning. I had plenty of milk every time. I never had mastitis.  Never had a clogged duct.  

I feel a little embarrassed at how easy it was for me. So many of my friends and family members had all of the above and more.  And even though it was easy, there was still judgement. I nursed for a long time. My kids were toddlers before they weaned. This never bothered me. But it bothered some people. None of my babies ever took a bottle. I didn’t need them to. I was with them 24/7.  I was able to stay home with all of them.  We had no family nearby to watch them. So it was all me all the time. I never minded. But others wondered why I wouldn’t train them to take a bottle so I could get a break. When they were not interested in solid food, the advice I always got was to wean them.  Looking back, I know there were rough days. Days when I wished someone else could feed them.  Days when I wished they would just eat food.  But those days were few and I can honestly say that I loved every minute of nursing my babies. 

I did have friends who struggled greatly with all sorts of complications. And when they switched to formula I was the first one to tell them it was the right decision. Sometimes breastfeeding just doesn’t work out. Sometimes moms choose not to. It’s OK. The end goal is a happy mom and a happy baby.  Everyone’s experience is unique. What works for you may not work for another. The only thing that works for all mamas is support from other mamas.


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Written by Gina Austin

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