Mom Culture Loves: Once Upon a Farm

 In a land far, far away, there was a century-old farm which traced back to Jennifer Garner's family roots (pun intended). On this land, they grew and cultivated the freshest organic fruits and vegetables to share with surrounding communities. Fast forward to the year 2018, and now you can experience these majestic fruits and vegetables in an easy-to-serve pouch. 



 Once Upon a Farm's core values are to provide the highest quality ingredients to all ages, but especially for kids. They are the first company to provide cold-pressed food for tiny humans. These pouches are always organic, and formulated with the most nutrient-dense foods and "good" fats. Such as: flax seeds, avocado, coconut milk/oil. 


 Not only are they healthy...but they also taste great! There is no added sugar, but Once Upon a Farm has discovered how to make food delicious and nutritious! These are the modern day version of homemade snacks for our kiddos.


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Written by Julie Khaled

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