WeeStructed Interviews Blogger SaraDear

August 31 2016
And so it begins. A new chapter in the book of WeeStructed, and you’re included. Here are the stories of moms like you, as told by one of our favorites, Marissa Ellis. This week’s ‘Wee Wing It’ interview is with non-other than blogger Sara Morris. Take a seat, make a cup of coffee in your […]
Mama’s Gotta Hydrate!

Mama’s Gotta Hydrate!

August 23 2016
Mama’s Gotta Hydrate! But seriously…she does. I know, I know, it can be hard to remember to drink enough water throughout the day when you’re trying to make sure everyone else is taken care of (either in your tummy or your tiny humans on the outside). But staying hydrated is imperative to our mental and […]

DIY Back-to-School Project for Teacher

August 5 2016
  Ten Minute Teacher Gift to Start the School Year Off Right! At the start of every school year, I like to do a little something for each of my kids’ new teachers. A simple gesture to say ‘thank you’ in advance (and to maybe warn them of the little ones’ antics). Here’s a quick […]