Mom Culture Loves: Pour-over coffee

I appreciate my coffee pot very much, I mean why wouldn't I? It gives me my pick me up every morning when I am running out of the door. With that said, when I have time I sometimes cheat on Mr. Coffee Pot with pour-over coffee.


 How I make my favorite pour-over coffee:

This Coffee Scoop is a must for the coffee-making process. I generally measure out 1 scoop of our Mom Culture ground coffee per cup.

Using an electric kettle, bring the water to a boil. I pour just enough water to fill the Basic Mom glass mug.

While waiting for the water to boil, add 1 coffee filter to the top basin of the pour-over. Then, place the pour-over device on top of the Basic Mom glass mug (or whichever of your favorite Mom Culture mugs you use). When the water is boiled, pour the scoop of coffee onto the filter, then slowly pour the hot water through the ground coffee and filter. It will slowly drip into your mug.

Then add your go-to coffee fixins and voila! Best at-home coffee EVER!

A fun fact about the pour-over station is that you can use it to make tea with loose-leaf tea. So if coffee isn't your cup of know! ;) 





Written by Sarah Komers

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