Powerful after school snacking!

It's no secret that we love Once Upon A Farm and all they stand for...healthy, affordable, and easy on-the-go eating for your littles.  

As a mom of three busy babes, it can so hard to balance healthy eating and snacking on-the-go, so I'm thankful for these powerful superfood pouches.  

Their storybook smoothies are perfect for keeping my three tiny humans well-balanced while out and about.  Cold-pressed, dairy-free, no added sugar and with 3 grams of both protein and fiber, they fill the void other snacks leave. 

I keep these in our office mini fridge and pop them in my bag right before I head to the carline pickup. They also are an awesome fit for the afternoon activities to make sure everyone has a healthy afterschool snack before their busy kid hustle continues.  From Girl Scouts to baseball practice, Once Upon A Farm has this busy mama covered with a healthy choice I can stand behind!



 To read more about Once Upon a Farm, click here.


Written by Sarah Komers

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