Simple Summer Bucket List

Summer is coming....and that means it's about time to prepare the bulk snacks and stock up on the sunscreen. We only get a handful of summers with our little ones so let's make the best of the fun in the sun we have mamas!

I honestly felt trapped in my early motherhood years of jam-packing way too much into our summers, if it was on a Pinterest bucket list, chances are we did it.  From beach days to saying yes to every playdate or camp, we did it, and honestly, we were exhausted. It's amazing spending time with them at home, but all my mamas will agree they DO need activities, but not everyday needs to be over-the-top!

Now at 6, 9, and 11 some of my kids' favorite summer memories are the silly things we've done together like hitting up the splash park without being prepared and getting soaking wet. They truly thought I was the best that day..."Mom, no suits?" "what about towels?" "what really... Let's go!!!"

 We've compiled a list of activities you and the kiddos will enjoy (most of which you can do with only 30 minutes notice), and most are free or cheap with little investment cause we all know how expensive summers can get.

 Lemonade stand

This classic American summer favorite has always been on my kid's list every summer, and this year my 6-year-old is already prepared with a DIY KIT he saw at Target.  Our favorite recipe is easy peasy lemon squeezy 6 fresh lemons, 6 cups of cold water, and 1 cup of sugar. Seriously the best, easy lemonade ever!!

Beach Day

Thankfully, we live in sunny California and a beach day is only an hour away from us. It's also on the top of my (almost) 12-year-old's I gotta make it happen this summer.  

Farmers Market

When my first two were tiny (2 and 4) we went to the local Wednesday Farmers Market all the time to purchase fruit and have lunch.  Since they've gotten older I only seem to make it to the Sunday ones providing we don't have a sporting event or a party to attend.  My goal is to take them during summer to relive those slower days, give them a budget and have them each pick out some new fresh items from the local growers.

Local Splash Pad

This is likely the last year I'm gonna be able to get away with taking all three to the local park splash pad so I'm gonna soak it up.  I love this FREE summer activity it's a great way to have fun on a budget and enjoy water play if you don't have a pool.

Local Museum or hidden gem

So this is also a low-cost favorite of mine, finding a local museum, visitor center or hidden gem in your community.  We have a few in our own backyard like a dairy farm, science museum, nature preserve, and a few berry farms.  Some of these offer specials during summer like workshops, camps, and tours. So, poke around and see what your town has to offer you might just find something amazing.


Ok, this is not on MY personal list but my good friend Gina and fellow Mom Culture team member is all about hiking and has introduced me to a beautiful hiking location with places to picnic and explore.  Nothing beats getting some fresh air and sunshine as long as you watch out for pesky bugs and in our location...snakes!

Chalk art contest

This is a cheap and normally free (chalk seems to always be around in our house) summer evening activity my kids enjoy. Even at the older kids' ages they still love it. I move the cars and we have our own squares in the driveway to color and see what art we can all come up with then we judge them for fun of course.

Movie Dates

This is a fun, easy and can be cheap summer past-time if you plan accordingly when the theater offers summer tickets for $1.  Make sure to check out your local theater most offer summer heat buster presale tickets for a discount but you do have to buy them ahead of time and plan.

Simple Summer Bucket List


1. Raw Elements Sunscreen

2. Swim Zip High-Waisted Bottoms

3. Bella Luna Organic Chalk

4. Target Lemonade Kit


For other great ideas, check out our SUMMER Pinterest board.



Written by Sarah Komers

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